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Meet the Founders

In 1995, Select Europe Inc., with its origins in the United Kingdom, started as a small family run business. The goal of our company was to source the finest seafood from around the globe for our seafood marinated Fruits De Mer brand. 

Fruits De Mer products were received with enthusiasm, due to their health benefits and the pure quality of the product. Blending in with the European diets and its Mediterranean neighbors, it quickly became a gourmet staple within high-end restaurants and the gourmet retailers in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom.

After much success in the European market, Tony decided to move award-winning Select Europe to the United States --- once again achieving new highs with the superior quality of the marinated white anchovies and seafood salads. Select Europe is currently being distributed throughout the United States to gourmet supermarkets, white tablecloth restaurants, luxury hotels and cruise lines.

As a result of the exceptional quality and taste, Select Europe Inc's Fruits De Mer brand is the proud recipient of numerous

awards from The Guild of Fine Food, and the "Best Specialty Import" Award from Fortnum & Mason. Select Europe is the

winner of the Great Taste Awards (widely regarded as the "Fine Foods Oscars") 13 consecutive years! In addition, we have

received many accolades at The Seafood Expo North America, The Fancy Food Show, The European Seafood Expo in

Brussels, and the Birmingham Good Food Show. Select Europe's salted anchovy is considered to be the best available in Europe, due to its delicate flavor and low sodium content.


All fish and shellfish used is of the highest uniform standard with no artificial ingredients, and the strictest quality control is

conducted in compliance with IFS and BRC standards.

With our current headquarters in the United States, Select Europe, Inc. Has successfully developed into a multi-national company. Today, we are proud to have achieved the reputation of making the finest and healthiest ready-made marinated seafood products available to both the retail and food service industries.

Tony and Christina have created a dynamic partnership, and it works to creatively advance awareness of wild sustainable seafood. Every product in their company is inspired by their deep love for the ocean, their reverence for the fish that have fed and supported their family, and the hope that they can spread awareness of the health benefits and pure quality of their delicious products.

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Tony was born in Turkey and raised in England. An avid supporter of UK Premier League Football & Flying, Tony works hard and plays hard in every aspect of life. Christina was born in Greece and migrated with her family to Montreal, Canada. Christina is fluent in Greek, French and English.

Tony and Christina developed an appreciation from their unique international upbringing for the sustainable seafood industry that became central of many of their opportunities. Tony and Christina are committed to sourcing only the most exceptional seafood for all their wild caught products. The fish and seafood are caught off the coasts of Scotland and the Mediterranean Sea, focusing on the shores of Italy and Turkey.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safe high quality seafood - that is why we seek to share seafood that is full of nutrients and free of chemicals and toxins. 

Have you ever been asked what your favorite food is and immediately thought of your mother, grandmother or great grandmother?  Well that is no surprise to us... That is why we created the perfect preservative-free marinade for our specialty seafood medley. Much like our ancestors, we care about our resources and that is why we take pride in our sustainable catching methods and traditional marination process. If you love tasty seafood that can help rebalance the oceans eco -system than you have come to the right place! 

Sustainable Seafood

At Select Europe Inc. we are committed to providing our customers and their families with high quality sustainable and traceable seafood sourced only from the suppliers that share our commitment to sustainability and transparency.  As a basic practice Select Europe Inc. will never knowingly source illegal caught seafood. We follow all federal and applicable international laws regarding procurement and traceability.

We track information on all wild-caught and farmed seafood we sell, including country of origin, method of production and catch, source location and country. 

Protecting our oceans is critical for maintaining the availability of seafood for future generations and the health of our planet. 

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