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Anchovy Nigiri Sushi


To prepare the nigiri:

  • About 2 cups prepared sushi rice

  • 10-12 marinated white anchovy fillets

  • 1 sheet (4 x 7in) nori, cut into thin strips


  1. Start making rice “balls”. To do this, wet your fingertips and palms lightly with water. Grab
    a walnut sized amount of prepared sushi rice (about 2 tablespoons) and mold it into a flat rectangular mound. The bottom should be flat. Repeat this with the remaining rice to form
    10 –12 rice balls.

  2. Pat the bottom of each anchovy fillet dry. Place each anchovy fillet on top of each of the rice balls. Use a thin strip of nori to secure the anchovies to the rice balls. Before serving, top each nigiri with the topping(s) of your choice-

  • Grated daikon radish

  • Grated ginger root

  • Toasted Seeds

  • Thin slice of jalapeno

  • Cilantro + generous dot of Sriracha chili paste

  • Dollop of Spicy Mayo

  • Quail Egg Yolk

  • Paper thin lemon or lime slice

  • Minced green onion

  • Chives

Serve with Ponzu Dipping Sauce and enjoy!

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